1) should vibrator mounted on a solid basis, should have sufficient strength bolt and tighten, but on the basis of underground tunnels must be left in the middle, so that frequent adjustments and maintenance. 2) before use to check and commissioning, check the parts are intact, all solid pieces, especially bearing bolt, eccentric bolt, motor and gearbox bolts, etc., must be securely fastened. 3) rods should load long-term operation. In manufacturing operations, it must be placed solid and reliable locking clamp template to ensure that the template and concrete countertops vibration together. 4) gearbox gear due to high speed heavy load, it should be good lubrication and cooling; inside the oil level should be maintained at a predetermined level surface, working temperature must not exceed 70 ℃. 5) shaker all bearing washable should be inspected regularly concrete vibrator concrete poker vibration poker and periodically replace the grease, the bearing lubrication well and should be careful to check the bearing temperature rise when there is overheating should immediately try to eliminate. 6) The motor earth should be good and reliable, power line and cable joints should be well insulated. Leakage phenomenon can not be damaged. 7) Vibrator smooth surface should be kept clean so that good contact with the steel. Overloaded due to high-frequency vibration table, easy to crack, it must pay attention to check, timely repair. Each work shift and should be promptly cleaned. The diameter of the rods, the frequency and amplitude directly affect the productivity of the main factors concrete vibrator power, so before work should select the appropriate vibrator. 2) Before using a vibrator, you should first check whether the motor insulation concrete vibrator in good condition, must be tested to enable long-term idle vibrator motor insulation resistance before power test run after passing the examination. 3) When the vibrator motor rotation, if the shaft does not turn, vibrator not afford to vibration, the Department of the direction of rotation of the motor is wrong, swap any two power cable; if shaft rotates vibrator not afford to vibration, can shake the rod the head or the head light knock the ground, you can start up. After the commissioning of normal, can be put into operation. 4) When the job, to make the natural sinking concrete vibrator concrete vibrator Anyang, unavailable violently pushed down. Should generally be inserted vertically, and not yet into the initial setting layer 50 ~ 100mm, combined with each other to cause the upper and lower layers. 5) vibrators, should be "slow push-pull." Push is to prevent the surface of the concrete to tap, stratification, segregation phenomenon occurs with the underlying concrete. Slow pull is to make concrete had time to fill space formed by rods withdrawn.

First, the use of the range

Electric plug-in concrete vibrator planetary shaft (hereinafter referred to as a vibrator) are widely used in building construction vibration compacting all kinds of plastic, semi-plastic, dry concrete. ZN50 type vibrator is suitable for the construction of small-scale projects. ZN70G type vibrator is mainly used for medium-sized Electric Concrete Vibrator for Sale price infrastructure projects and large and medium-sized section of the piles, beams, concrete columns. Second, the structural characteristics Vibrator by the vibration rod assemblies, flexible shaft hose assemblies and motor parts. Vibrator assembly includes a tip, sleeve, roller, tapered roller, seals, bearings. Tapered roller cone top, tapered roller bearings top and center of the design in regard to the rotation angular velocity uniform, easy to start vibration, overload increase, to avoid sliding and fever. Dual seal device may improve sealing performance vibrator to effectively prevent slipping into the oil. The dual seal device won the national utility model patents. Using a special big gap to make tapered roller bearing swing freely and increase their ability to resist vibration. Sleeve ends are made of left-handed screw connection, tapered roller shaft ends and joint use of the right-handed screw connection, simple structure, reliable connection.

Third, the method used   

1. Connect the three-phase power (in this case not connected rods), observe the motor rotation direction, when viewed in the direction toward the head counterclockwise rotation is forward, or should change the wiring, pay attention to prevent the motor-way operation.      2. Work First positive spin coupling is over the handle, the shaft plug into the motor shaft bore, the coupling head and then inserted into the nose hole and Banxia coupling handle, making it falling into the coupling head arc groove. The new vibrator can lock the first circular groove, until the hose elongation lock the second track circular groove. Open the switch, the vibration of the club head gently knocking, vibrating rod issue, "Om ......" high-frequency sound to use.   3. vibrator vibrator can naturally sink down the concrete, do not force hard insert, but can not use vibrator pry bars, templates, etc. (when using the hose bending radius not less than 25 cm) to avoid damage to shaft hose, affecting life. Electric Concrete Vibrator for sale Insertion depth vibrator should generally not exceed the end of the hose fitting.   The vibration in real time for each interpolation interval points to 5-7 times the diameter appropriate vibration club. Tap the desired duration depends slump concrete, generally bubbles stop discharging, mix no longer in its surface subsidence and cement mortar layer occurs, said that it has fully tapped, excessive vibration and vibration are less influence structural strength of concrete.   5. after use, should clean the surface of the parts of the vibrator, and then stored in a dry place. Shaft hose should be straight state storage.   6. vibrators need to move, should first unplug the power cord, and motor and rods partially separated, then transferred.